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At Atlaseus Training Center

We’re proud to feature a list of high-quality training courses and prominent trainers who are at the forefront of their fields.

These professionals are always eager to share their knowledge and inspire like-minded enthusiasts.

We, at Atlaseus, believe that "Lifelong Learning is the Key to Success"

Our Vision

Our vision is to build knowledge, skills and competence for individuals, through tailored training courses. 


We can identify the need for professional development training in various industries by targeting experienced individuals.

The courses are created by professionals for professionals with our supervision.   

Scheduled Trainings 

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TRAINING: Access to Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System -FIA UK

We proudly announce that "The Fire Industry Association (FIA) UK", introduces its first international branch located in Cyprus (EU), called FIA International Cyprus (FIA CYPRUS).


FIA (UK) operates as a not-for-profit trade association working on behalf of the companies that make up the UK fire industry. 


The main mission of the FIA is to protect life and property by raising the bar of competency and professionalism within the UK fire industry. 

Our professional training center, Atlaseus, announces the first training based on professional standards by FIA UK.  


Coming Soon Trainings

CCTV Camera

Modern techniques of monitoring systems and CCTV artificial intelligence

APRIL 2023

Home Control App

Home Wireless Automation: Installation and Programming

MAY 2023

Completed Trainings

New technologies & Applications in Addressable Fire Detection Systems

29/12/22, 09/01, 11/01 & 16/01/2023

Methodology for Installation of Wired and Wireless Electronic Security Systems

28/12/22, 10/01, 12/01 & 17/01/2023

Get to Know us

Atlaseus is a certified educational & training center, approved by HRDA (Cypriot Human Resource Development Authority - AnAD). 

On our premises, we hold 4 training classrooms,  
with a capacity of 12-22 trainees, all certified by HRDA (DEK Training Center). 

All classrooms are fully equipped for online and physical trainings. 

Contact us if you would like to rent a classroom for your training,


Get to know us

Atlaseus Founder, Eleftherios Kanellos,
on "InBusiness TV" camera

Our founder elaborates on the motivation that led our team to establish Atlaseus. Technology rapidly evolves and industry techs are having a hard time trying to keep up. Atlaseus started by filling a highly specialized technological gap by educating experienced engineers and techs of the wider technology industry.

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